East Tennessee Pilots Club

East Tennessee Pilots Club
officers and staff.

  • President.......................Frank Wilson

  • Vice President...............Russell Chambers

  • Secretary/Treasurer......Rex Berry

  • Board of Directors

  • Paul Bale
  • David Vickers
  • Steve Abrew
  • Hillard Houser
  • Paul Varner
  • Phil Owens
  • Tom Lester

East Tennessee Pilots Club

Was founded to promote and advance aviation and to encourage the fellowship in a relaxed, unstructured environment.

Skyranch airport has a family atmosphere in a "park like" setting where spouses and children can enjoy themselves. Areas along the river bank are ideal for picnics and a little fishing. The river traffic is very entertaining, you'll see everything from barges hauling freight to cabin cruisers, ski boats, bass boats and elaborate house boats.

Skyranch is a nature preserve where you will see all manner of birds and wildlife. It's a good place to "just hang out" and unwind from the pace of the everyday world.

Stop by and enjoy
"Skyranch Moment"

Visitors Always Welcome!
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gps coordinates 35" 53' 8" N 83"57' 28" W